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KISR recognises SuperGeo’s geospatial tech expertise

Taiwan: SuperGeo will provide Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) with concrete services for technological transfer and system establishment, helping Kuwait implement various policies and projects by employing GIS technologies.

KISR recently visited the company’s headquarter in Taiwan and discussed about the geospatial applications and innovative collaboration by using GIS technologies. The institute recognised SuperGIS applications in multiple domains more comprehensively, such as Intelligent Transportation Systems, natural resources, emergency response, disaster control and management, SuperGIS Online services, as well as mapping services for Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, SuperGeo announced that Survey & Instrument Specialists, Australia, selected SuperPad 3 through Cody Corporation, SuperGeo’s exclusive reseller in Australia and New Zealand. Located in New South Wales, Australia; Survey & Instrument Specialists provides local clients with various and efficient equipments for surveying, construction and measuring at fair prices. Aside from distributing a wide range of state-of-the-art measuring devices, the company hires many well-trained technicians in hopes of offering better services to its customers.

In addition, the company announced that for the better efficiency of viewing map services, SuperGIS Server 3 is going to support map cache function. The administrator will be allowed to set the map cache extent, formats, scale, etc. The map services will be drawn as images at multiple scales and saved in the server. While front-end users are browsing the map extent, the server can instantly offer cached images, speed up the map display, enable users to zoom in/out, pan, and query the map much more effectively.

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