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KIRTADS planning mapping of tribal communities using GIS

Kozhikode, India: With growing use of geospatial technology in every field, the Kerala Institute of Research Training and Development Studies of Scheduled Castes and Tribes (KIRTADS) has come up with an innovative plan to take up mapping of all tribal communities in the state of Kerala with the help of GIS.
Once completely implemented, the project would not only help in the marking of the entire geographic system of the tribals, but will also provide valuable information on the culture, tradition and the living status of 38 tribal communities in the state.
As part of the project, KIRTADS has already carried out the mapping of seven tribal communities including the Koraga, Kattunayakan, Cholanaickan, Kurumbas and Kadar.
Speaking to the Express, KIRTADS Director in Charge Mani Bhooshan said: “As a pilot project we had done GIS mapping of the Kurumbar tribal settlements at Attapaddy and Hill Pulayas in the Idukki a couple of years back with the help of Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS). Later we decided to do the mapping ourselves. The present GIS mapping is a blend of the new technology with the traditional knowledge of the tribals. Apart from accelerating the development activities of these areas, GIS would help us to know more about them.”
The project assumes importance in the wake of union governments proposed new forest act which provides extensive control to the people residing in the forests. The implementation of the GIS technology would help in having easy access to the forest areas particularly the vulnerable tribal groups living in the interior forests in the state.
Source: Expressbuzz