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Kingswood MapMechanics launches new mapping tool

A new digital mapping tool, MM Territories, has been launched by Kingswood MapMechanics to help door-to-door delivery businesses build common-sense walkable delivery rounds quickly and automatically. Kingswood MapMechanics specialises in making the most of map-based technologies, and is the UK distributor for GeoConcept geographic information systems and TruckStops vehicle routing and scheduling systems. Unlike previous systems, which may work with fairly large territories, this one aims to ensure that quite small delivery rounds actually work in the real world, taking proper account of the local environment and on-the-ground location of individual addresses.

Kingswood MapMechanics’ MM Territories is specially designed to provide the best of both worlds. It has sufficient automation to speed the process up and ensure consistent sequential naming of territories, yet retains enough user interaction to ensure rounds are sensible and work efficiently in the field. Many door-to-door organisations receive orders by store catchment, postcode sector or other large-area definition, yet their deliveries are made using smaller units. MM Territories includes a set-up dialogue where the user can specify the containing unit; the system will then ensure that all delivery territories nest perfectly into these units.

The MM Territories module can use a wide range of raster and vector, street or road level mapping. MM Territories runs within the GeoConcept mapping system, and is therefore also available with GeoConcept’s smart labeling functionality, which ensures that each territory name appears neatly and does not overlap neighbouring territory names or container names such as the postcode sector labels.