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Kinetic Solutions unveils new GIS technology

Kinetic Solutions, an application development and data integration company specializing in GIS, has introduced SCOUT (Special Crisis Operations for Urban Terrain), the company’s Incident Command System. SCOUT is an advanced tactical response support system originally developed as an incident planning tool to aid first responders during crisis situations.

SCOUT allows tactical response commanders to efficiently visualize the exact layout of the exterior and interior of buildings, in order to effectively deploy response teams to minimize the harm to people and property. SCOUT provides a user-friendly interface that integrates the use of aerial photography, digital floor plans of the building, wireless video, 360° immersive iPIX photography, CAD drawings that are vector overlays containing technical information for each building, including HVAC, plumbing, electrical wiring, and fiber optic cabling, and an underlying intelligent database containing detailed information on a room’s physical assets.

Kinetic Solutions has also been awarded a contract by Code Consultants, a Fire Protection Engineering and Life Safety Consulting firm, to customize the SCOUT Incident Command System. SCOUT technology will enhance Code Consultant’s goals of providing clients with innovative and practical business solutions, and will automate the mapping, reporting and communication processes related to Fire Code violations within buildings.