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Kinesis maps and tracks 2 billion vehicle miles

UK: Kinesis, the global vehicle tracking solution, is celebrating a significant milestone recording over 2 billion vehicles tracked miles. Since launching in the UK, Kinesis has installed its state of the art tracking hardware in more than 50,000 vehicles across Europe, Southeast Asia and North America.

Providing the latest technology to help manage transport and service vehicles, Kinesis provides real-time, online monitoring of vehicle movements with a host of additional live operational data and intelligence. Through an easy to use dashboard or smartphone app, Kinesis offers driver performance and vehicle check reporting, messaging and real-time alerts, as well as integration with fuel management and vehicle diagnostics.

“This is a major milestone for Kinesis,” commented Greville Coe, Group Managing Director – Telematics at Radius Payment Solutions, the company behind Kinesis. “From a standing start, just three years ago, Kinesis has become a global player in a highly competitive and potentially oversupplied market. By offering a range of additional features and services, such as integrated fuel cards and driver and vehicle performance monitoring, we have elevated Kinesis way beyond traditional vehicle tracking, a major contributing factor to this success.”

Kinesis installed its first vehicle tracker in February 2015 and has experienced significant growth of 76 percent in the last twelve months of operation. Kinesis is now tracking vehicles in UK, US, Ireland, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. The company also has ambitious, yet wholly achievable plans to make inroads in the highly competitive US market and is on track to launch exciting new functionality at regular intervals throughout 2018.

Kinesis provides real-time access to reliable data tracking driver performance, productivity and progress. At a glance, users can access detailed information on every journey taken, including start and finishing times, mileage and route taken. Additional features include driver performance monitoring, vehicle health monitoring and real-time location and event alerts. Kinesis is one of the few telematics solutions to provide fuel use insight with integrated fuel cards, offering accurate mpg (miles per gallon) monitoring for individual vehicles, drivers and journeys.