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KEYW introduces Aeroptic Aerial Mapping System

US: KEYW has recently introduced the Aeroptic Mapping System at the 2014 National Guard Association (NGAUS) Conference & Exhibition in Chicago held on August 22-25.

Kevin Gunde, Executive Vice President, Surveillance and Exploration Systems, said, " Aeroptic is a commercially available mapping system that supports every mission in which the National Guard engages, ranging from incident assessment and disaster response in Domestic Operations (DOMOPS) to reconnaissance and situational awareness on the OCONUS battlefield."

The aeroptic aerial mapping system integrates best-of-breed components including a full-color electro-optical (EO) camera, GPS/IMU, and user-friendly geo-processing software based on non-proprietary open standards.

The interchangeable lenses offer multiple focal length options that enable the Aeroptic camera to acquire high-resolution visible-band imagery with sub-meter geo-positional accuracy from varying flight altitudes without surveyed ground control points.

Aeroptic offers the option of processing imagery in the air or on the ground, producing unclassified, wide-area ortho-mosaic maps in near real time. Generated imagery products are ready for immediate ingest into standard commercial viewing tools and GIS packages.

The company stated that with just eight hours of training, a typical user can create content-rich image maps ready for distribution within minutes after acquisition.

Source: KEYW