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Kerala state police in India to get g-power

Kochi, India: Soon, the Kerala state police in India will have GIS-based road safety management system (RSMS). It will provide analysis of information on accidents and assist the police to take appropriate counter-measures. The GIS will enable the police to locate the accident-prone areas.

The RSMS is a web-enabled, GIS supported, accident database management solution with a powerful data analysis engine. Both recording and analysis of accident data can be facilitated by the use of the RSMS.

Traffic researchers and specialists can make use of the data and statistics from the system. GPS devices supplied to police vehicles and highway patrol vehicles will help make detailed reports on the accidents reported across the state, a police official said.

The RSMS will have a recording engine for entering accident data. The operator of the RSMS can enter the data in the system through the accident reporting form (ARF) in the computer. The ARF is also functional in smart devices, including palmtop computers and mobile phones. The input can be scanned with a hand-held scanner.

The GIS facility helps trace accidents on digital maps. It will also have a safety analysis system to provide charts and drafts for analysis.

“The RSMS includes efficient devices to compile the record on the accidents happening in the state. Earlier, we had to prepare written documents on the details of accidents or record it in the computer. But in the RSMS, we can record comprehensive details of the incident and they can be shared with the engineering department, Motor Vehicles Department and insurance companies,” the police official said.

Source: IBNLive