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Kenyan surveyors demand GIS to contain calamities

Kenya: The Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK) called on Kenyan government to find lasting solutions to the disasters. This came following the recent Sinai fire tragedy. Citing example of Kenya Pipeline Company Ltd. which embraced GIS for real time information about its pipelines, Collins K’Owuor, Chairman of ISK, recommended disaster preparedness and mitigation should also embrace same GIS.

K’Owuor observed that working proactively approaches is necessary to forestall such misfortunes in Kenya. He stressed that evicting slum dwellers or paying them some compensation to relocate would not solve the problems.

“ISK will engage the various agencies dealing with settlements and housing to adopt simple but best practices to avoid future tragedies,” said Kowuor.

Source: www.africasciencenews.org