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Kenya unveils billion dollar farming blueprint

Kenya: An ambitious agricultural reform package for Kenya launched, signalling a new private-sector driven approach to the development of the Ksh727 billion (USD 9.32 billion) sector. The new agricultural strategy is designed to drive Vision 2030 — the policy blueprint unveiled by the coalition government to ramp up economic growth to 10 per cent and turn Kenya into a middle-industrialised economy in 20 years.

One of the key areas of the new strategy includes a land-use master plan to protect critical water sources such as the Mau, the Cheranganis, Mt Elgon, the Aberdares and Mt Kenya; a GIS-based land management information system will be put in place to speed up land transactions and enhance security of tenure. Technocrats are analysing this as the most ambitious policy initiative by the Kenya government since Independence.

“The strategy is a deeper expression of Vision 2030. It is a meaningful and appropriate target,” said Dr Romano Kiome, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture. His counterpart in Fisheries Development, Prof Micheni Japhet Ntiba, said the new policy is overdue. “That’s how things should have been from the beginning. The new strategy will grow the sector in a co-ordinated, efficient and effective manner.”

The goal of the new Agri-cultural Sector Development Strategy 2010-2020 is to slash poverty by half in 10 years, grow agriculture by seven per cent and boost revenues in the sector by 25 per cent every year.

The strategy was authored by the 10 ministries involved in overseeing the agricultural sector through the Agricultural Sector Co-ordination Unit. The ministries are Agriculture, Land, Livestock Development, Fisheries Development, Environment and Mineral Resources, Water Resources and Irrigation, Regional Development Authorities, Co-operative Development, Forestry and Wildlife, and Development of Northern Kenya and Other Arid Areas.

Source: The East African