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Kenya power co initiates digital mapping project

The Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC) has initiated a facilities digital mapping project worth Shs.259 million, aimed at improving the company’s operations and customer service.

The project, known as Facilities Database, entails the use of a Geographical Information System application to collate and manage digitally stored data regarding KPLC’s customers and electricity facilities.

According to Eng. Joseph Njoroge, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, KPLC, the system will help the company remotely identify and locate customers with ease, and locate faults along its transmission and distribution network thereby reducing repetitive visits to customer premises. “It will ease and speed up design of projects. Designers will not be required to physically visit the premises of a person applying for power supply as they will be able to locate a customer’s location on spatial maps from their offices. Consequently, that will reduce the period taken to give power applicants the quotations for supplying electricity to their premises, which in turn will reduce the connection period,” he added.

Eng. Njoroge revealed that the company is at an advanced stage of compiling all relevant data which include customer premises, meters, meter boards, power lines, transformers, substations, and offices.

Source: kbc.co.ke