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Kazakhstan space agency to sell satellite images to France

Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan National Space Agency, Kazkosmos, is planning to sell images received from its earth remote sensing system to French companies, according to media reports.

“The next project we want to make at least partially feasible is the Earth remote sensing system. Of course, none of the countries had 100-per cent pay off at the first stage. But we can guarantee return a major part of the project’s investments. We have made a few legal actions. We have already signed contracts with French companies that will buy these images from us,” Mussabayev said in the Majilis (Lower Chamber of the Parliament).

According to him, one of the space projects that is already bringing profit to Kazakhstan is KazSat-2, the project of creation of telecommunication broadcast system and data transfer.

“In future the system of high-precision satellite navigation has to come close to breaking even and being feasible or maybe even guarantee a 100-percent pay off,” Mussabayev added.

Source: Tengri News