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Kazakhstan seeks funds for Caspian Sea mapping

Kazakhstan: Time and money are needed for development of a Caspian map, according to the Director of Surveying, Cartography and Geodesic Control Department of the Land Resources Management Agency Danabek Tazhedinov.

“The final result that we want is a topographic map of the shelf and bottom of the Kazakhstan sector in 1:25,000 scale. This requires development of standard technical documents regulating creation of the topographic map of the shelf and inland water bodies, making a time study of the works to be performed as part of the project, getting approvals for the terms, conditions and time frame established by law for performance of survey and cartographic works with the use of new technologies. The above will require 1 to 2 years and certain budget money,” Tazhedinov said.

Meanwhile, head of the Survey Department reminded that the Agency was working on such map from 2008 to 2011. “7 billion tenge (USD 47 million) were aimed for this map. 2 billion tenge (USD 13 million) were allocated in this period for survey of the shore line, bottom features and islands. We spent 1.5 billion tenge (USD 10 million), which is 22 percent of the targeted funds. The works held in 2008-2011 were focused on creation of topographic maps of the sea shelf, not the sea map that contains the topography of the sea bottom features,” he said.

Tazhedinov also added that the maps of the Caspian Sea supplied by Kazakhstan Defense Ministry and the maps made in the Soviet Union in 1:10,000 and 1:750,000 scales and covering the whole water area of the sea are currently good for navigation and sailing. “In this relation, there is no need in continuing implementation of the project on creation of the sea map,” he said.

Source: Tengri News