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Kass Green elected as ASPRS Vice President

23 March 2006: Kass Green has been elected as ASPRS Vice President for 2006. Green is President of The Alta Vista Company, and consults on geospatial strategy, technology and policy issues to private, educational, and public organizations. Once she is sworn in as President in 2008, Green will be the seventh woman to hold that office since the Society was founded in 1934. An ASPRS member since 1988, Green has served the Society on the ASPRS Board of Directors, as cofounder of the GIS Division, Program Chair for the 2000 Pecora Conference, Registration Chair for the GIS 1987 conference, and has presented workshops at almost every ASPRS conference for the last decade. She has received numerous awards from the Society.

Three years ago, Green retired as President of Space Imaging Solutions, a division of Space Imaging LLC where she supervised over 200 employees involved in tasks including operation of a digital airborne system, acquisition of airborne and satellite imagery from numerous platforms and sensors, creation of land cover and land use coverages from remotely sensed data using both manual and automated techniques, and the development of desktop and web based geospatial analysis software. Prior to joining Space Imaging, Green was President of Pacific Meridian Resources, a geospatial services company she co-founded in 1988 and grew to 7 offices throughout the United States.