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Kampsax wins order to map Great Britain

23 September 2002 — Kampsax, which was taken over by COWI on June 27 this year, has signed the company’s biggest mapping contract yet with Ordnance Survey, Britain’s national mapping agency. Over the next five years, Kampsax will supply an updated digital map covering a large part of Great Britain.

Kampsax expects the order will total more than Euro 35 million worth of mapping and related assignments.

The contract with Ordnance Survey, which was founded in 1791, means that Kampsax has now entered into a strategic partnership with one of the world’s most recognized mapping organizations. The partnership will include strengthening Ordnance Survey’s interaction with suppliers with the use of Kampsax’ process control tool, Kampsax Process Management (KPM).

Breakthrough for Kampsax’ Indian investments The order from Ordnance Survey includes the aerial photography of Great Britain. Kampsax has extensive experience with aerial photography and digital mapping, and own their own aircraft, cameras and production facilities. The production of digital maps based on aerial photographs will fall to Kampsax’ Indian subsidiary in New Delhi and the order therefore represents a breakthrough for Kampsax’ Indian investments. With the order commencing autumn this year, Kampsax has already strengthened the organization and increased the subsidiary’s capacity substantially.