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Kainan University gets GIS-based info system

Taiwan: SuperGeo has established a WebGIS platform in the campus of Kainan University, Taiwan. The platform integrates campus information in the form of spatial data with the information about faculty, students and general users. SuperWebGIS is being used here as the map server software.

Sustainable traffic management and community traffic system is the direction that Kainan University uses to establish the Campus Information Web System. The university also intends to offer more convenient campus information and services for the faculty, students and the public.

The application adopts Microsoft Access as the goat platform for saving, maintaining and managing the data. In addition, it applies SuperWebGIS as the map server platform, which can publish the statistic data and maps stored in the goat as map services to the Internet.

The system provides three main sub-systems – Campus Life Map, Before-Go System and Carpool System. The Web-GIS site integrates the related information about food, accommodation, traffic, recreation, etc., to help the faculty and students to easily understand the campus environment.

The Carpool System also provides open and detailed carpool information to ensure students’ personal safety.

Meanwhile, the company announced its exclusive partnership with International Integrated Environmental Services Ltd. (IIES) in Kuwait. IIES will also co-work with Aeromap, SuperGeo’s reseller in Bahrain, to represent SuperGeo in ‘2010 Meet Taiwan’, an event for Taiwanese technology firms to introduce advanced technologies as well as products in Kuwait.

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