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Juniper Systems, Effigis team to offer Sub-Metre GPS Accuracy

US, October 2, 2014: Juniper Systems, rugged handheld computer manufacturer, and Effigis, geomatics solutions provider, have teamed up to offer nexpensive but powerful sub-metre GPS accuracy.

Effigis’ OnPOZ Precision Positioning Software suite leverages the superior GNSS performance Juniper Systems’ Archer 2 rugged handheld to gather high-accuracy GPS data.

EZTag CE software is used on the Archer 2 to capture GPS field data points. The data is then sent to a desktop computer, where EZSurv Post-Processing Software automatically post-processes the data to achieve results with sub-metre accuracy.

Jim Benson, Utilities & Public Services Market Manager at Juniper Systems said, "The OnPOZ suite is powerful, yet comes at a price people are comfortable with, and it takes care of all the post-processing for you.The Archer 2 handheld really finishes off the whole package. Its GNSS receiver is outstanding, performing reliably even under trees, and the handheld is so well designed, you can count on it to work well in any environment.”

Source: Juniper Systems