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JTC gets new data management system

Indian information technology company, Satyam Computer Services has implemented a new Web-based geographical information system (WGIS) for land management, planning and marketing for JTC Corporation, which JTC says has increased its customer service efficiency. This new system is expected to speed up things like land parcelling and allocation plans for clients, reducing the turnaround time in servicing customers.

Satyam says the new system replaces JTC Corporation’s previous GIS system, first implemented in 1993. The old system imported textual data and graphic information from related data sources to generate plans, maps and other graphical data and then stored them in files for analysis. The previous work procedures used for allocating and parcelling of land would take about three days to complete. Things could become even more complex and time-consuming when customers changed their requirements.

The implementation of WGIS, using an ArcGIS 9.0 server is one of the first such implementations in Asia, according to Virender Aggarwal, head of Satyam’s Singapore-based Asia-Pacific operations. Mr Aggarwal said the new system enables easy information access to the management and marketing staff at JTC and in turn helps them to service their clients better.