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JT Maps – the complete GIS software released

Jlets Technologies – a NOIDA (India)-based company specializing in the domain of development of software products and solutions in the field of GIS has released India’s first comprehensive GIS software called JT Maps. JT Maps hosts a variety of features addressing the entire spectrum of GIS activities.

Starting from basic Satellite image enhancement, moving on to Image registration, data creation and editing to spatial as well as non-spatial data analysis. The software supports a large set of features which available in a very easy to use and intuitive interface.

The software is aimed to cater to the basic needs of a standard GIS user, while at same time maintaining high standards of accuracy and efficiency.

Jlets Technologies has released this product keeping in mind the need for a cost effective GIS product which will satisfy the requirement of the large majority of GIS users who do not have access to internationally reputed GIS products.