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Jordan yet to tap potential of in-car navigation

Amman, Jordan: High cost and inaccurate digital maps are limiting the use of navigation system by car rentals in Jordan, according to operators in the sector, reports Jordan Times.

“We received dozens of complaints from users of the service claiming that the maps are inaccurate and that the devices break down frequently,” said Jamal Abu Samra, Director of Budget car rental in Jordan. Similarly, Mohammad Hallaq, Director of Asallah car rental stated, “People who rent cars from us and use the navigation system complain a lot about the quality of devices. These appliances could be an added value to our business if they operated properly.”

In addition, Abu Samra said, “Car rentals can benefit a lot from the service. But the problem is the prices of the devices are high, especially if an office wants to install such devices in all its fleet.” Ghanem Abu Saoud, owner of Safari car rental, echoed the thoughts.

“I provide the navigation for free, yet there is no demand on it. It is costly and one needs to update the maps every now and then and this is not feasible for us. The service is good, but the poor quality of devices, lack of public interest and inaccuracy of maps limit the spread of the service,” Abu Saoud said.

According to car rentals, foreign tourists rank first among clients who ask for the navigation device when renting a car. “Tourists can benefit a lot from the service, especially foreigners. They can use it to visit tourist places. The number of Arabs and Jordanians who ask for the device when renting a car is limited. The use of maps in Jordan is not common; it is even less so when we talk about digital maps. It will just take time before there will be many users,” Hallaq said.

Abu Samra agreed: “There is lack of public awareness about the real concept of the service. It is an excellent service that can boost businesses of car rentals if the price is affordable and good maintenance is available.”

According to the Arab Regional Company for Technology and Telecommunications (ARCO), which first introduced personal navigation devices (PNDs) in the last quarter of 2009 and now owns over a 90 per cent share in the PNDs market, there are 2,000 individuals using the devices in the country.

Source: Jordan Times