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Joint venture to market aerial photography of UK

BlueSky International Ltd and Infoterra Ltd have signed a multi-million pound deal to jointly create and market new high-resolution aerial photography of UK. In a highly significant development for the UK aerial photography industry, these two companies have agreed to pool their extensive expertise and resources to update and sell UK Perspectives, the countrywide aerial photography database. BlueSky and Infoterra already provide complimentary services and this 50:50 joint venture is seen as a powerful alliance that will bring significant benefits to government, local authority and commercial aerial photography markets.

The UK Perspectives aerial photography will be updated using state-of-the-art digital technology including a Leica ADS40 sensor; a new generation of digital image capture technology. As well as high resolution aerial photography, this technology simultaneously captures colour infrared (CIR) imagery and additionally a digital surface model (DSM) and digital terrain model (DTM) will be created. These layers will create a new UK Perspectives product portfolio, revealing much more about the land below and is expected to become the de facto standard.

Infoterra is an aerial photography contractor for central government and has already begun capturing updates to the UK Perspectives baseline dataset. BlueSky has photographed many counties over the last two years, as part of local authority contracts and through speculative projects. Together, this amounts to over 40,000 square kms of new aerial photography making UK Perspectives an accurate and up-to-date imagery dataset available. This new venture allows Infoterra to focus on delivering services to its core central government sector and national organisations, with BlueSky focusing on local government and commercial sector markets. Both parties will work closely to develop advanced and flexible products and services.