Johor, Malaysia to have better quality water supply

Johor, Malaysia to have better quality water supply


JOHOR BARU: Johor residents will enjoy better quality water with minimal disruption when the Integrated Geographical Information System (IGIS) becomes fully operational.

The system provides information on billing, water quality, production control and job management while allowing remote monitoring.

It enables Johor water concessionaire Syarikat Air Johor Holdings (SAJH) to monitor water revenue, overflowing at reservoirs, leakage on its 17,000km-long underground pipeline and others.

SAJH chief executive officer Ahmad Zahdi Jamil said the RM9mil project helped to reduce their emergency response time by nearly 75%.

“Before this, we had to spend time tracing the source upon receiving complaints of water disruption or burst pipes but now, all this can be detected by the system.

“Now, it takes us less than 18 hours to fix the problems compared to two days previously,” he said.

He said the system also allowed SAJH to monitor water quality.

He added the water samples taken from 979 sampling points in Johor would be sent to a laboratory in Batu Pahat for daily tests.

“This system has helped improve productivity through maximum utilisation of assets, reducing and simplifying tasks such as asset maintenance and pipe burst repairs,” he said.

Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said SAJH was the first water concessionaire in the country to use the system.

He said water management must be dealt with wisely so that the people do not suffer from water-related problems.