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Johnson police in U.S.A. join missing person network

The Johnson Police Department in U.S. is joining other police agencies across the nation in a program called A Child is Missing, which is designed to find missing and abducted children. “We have a lot of children that do come up missing in this area,” said Johnson Police Officer C. B. Caya. “They’re either abducted or runaways. As the population increases, we have to be sure and stay on top of it.”

The network assists law enforcement in search/early recovery efforts during the initial hours of a disappearance using a rapid-response neighborhood notification system utilizing a high-tech telephone program. It uses a three-prong program: a telephone database, geo-mapping and satellite imagery. FBI statistics reveal that every 40 seconds, another child in the United States goes missing. The Elm Springs and Farmington police departments are also involved with the program.