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Johannesburg to update its street address database

South Africa: In a bid to improve billing and service delivery, the city of Johannesburg is on a drive to verify and update its database of street addresses. Retha van Wyk, the acting deputy director of data administration and mapping, says thousands of street numbers and associated streets will be verified by the time the project ends in May.

In the project’s first phase, which started in early 2007 and ended in April 2008, street addresses for approximately 80 000 stands around the city, which included 680 townships, were verified against the National Address Database (NAD) of the location-based services company, AfriGIS, and other datasets within the council. Approximately 35 500 addresses were captured on the City’s geographic information systems (GIS) and 400 new addresses required implementation during this time.

“Phase two of the project commenced in April 2008 and is expected to be completed by the end of May 2009. The area includes the rest of the city of Johannesburg, thus approximately 4 200 townships (666 000 stands) are to be verified. A total of 1 500 townships have already been verified and an additional 120 000 street addresses were captured by 30 September 2008. Before completion of the project, approximately 100 000 stands still require verification,” says Van Wyk.