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‘J&K’s revenue dept should use RS tech’

Srinagar, India: Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) State’s Revenue Department in India should liaise with the country’s Department of Environment and Remote Sensing (RS) for identification of wastelands where new colonies, industrial estates and other developmental activities could be undertaken, urged Madhav Lal, Chief Secretary of Jammu & Kashmir.

Chairing a meeting on identification of wastelands, Lal said, “The process of identification of wastelands and its consequent development will minimise conversion of prime agriculture and horticulture land for non-agricultural activities. The identification will help the planners, administrators and decisions makers to prioritize wastelands in different districts for appropriate use.”

Lal said preference in the identification of wastelands should be given to twin capital cities, which he said, are stifled due to increasing population pressure and fast urbanisation. It was stated that 1500 sq kms of waste land have been identified through remote sensing and GIS mapping in the state, which shall be corroborated through on-spot inspections by the Revenue authorities.

Source: Greater Kashmir