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J&K gets INR 1700 crore package for RAPDRP project

New Delhi, India: Government of India approved INR 1700 crore package under Restructured-Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Program (R-APDRP) to Jammu and Kashmir State for reviving the ailing power sector.

The multi-crore financial package is aimed at improving power distribution system in targeted 30 towns and cities including Srinagar and Jammu under R-APDRP. The financial support under the second phase of the R-APDRP, which has been launched in different states, has come with a rider that if objectives outlined under the programme are strictly met by J&K, then the assistance will be in the form of grant and in case of any violation of the guidelines it will be treated as loan to JK. “The parameters are same for the other states,” said an official in state Power Development Department.

The multi-crore assistance under the second phase of the R-APDRP follows INR 191 crore assistance to J&K under the first phase of the programme. The first phase of the scheme, which is under execution in different targeted areas and is scheduled for completion in 18 months, involves setting up Data Centre, Disaster (Data) Recovery Center, Centralized Customer Care Call Center, GIS based customer indexing and asset mapping and GIS survey in the identified towns and achieving e-management in power distribution and other initiatives.

The second phase focuses on revamping and modernization of entire Electricity Distribution System to reduce Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT&C) losses, prevent distress load shedding, 100 percent metering of domestic consumers, HT metering of commercial and industrial consumers and whole range of initiatives to modernize the infrastructure in the sector.

Leading IT and business transformation services provider Wipro would rollout integrated solutions under the R-APDRP across J&K. The R-APDRP aims at covering urban areas, towns and cities with population of more than 10000 souls in case of special category states including J&K and 30000 souls in rest of the states. The entire scheme is targeted for completion in five to six years.

While the T&D losses incurred were highest 65.78 per cent for the last fiscal, the AT&C losses, which cause wide gap between the projected revenue realisation and the actual revenue realized against the Power Purchase Bill, had gone up to 72 percent for 2009-10.

Source: www.greaterkashmir.com