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Jena Optronik becomes Boeing’s first German “Supplier of the Year”

Jena, Germany: Jubilation at Jena-Optronik. The Boeing Company selected the Jena-based company as one of only 11 chosen from a field of more than 27,000 suppliers in nearly 100 countries around the world.This award from Boeing, the worlds leading aerospace company, is the company’s premier supplier award, presented annually to its top suppliers for their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. The winning suppliers were chosen based on statistical measurements of quality, ontime delivery, post-delivery support and cost for performance in 2006.

The company supports Boeing’s Wideband Global Satcom and Spaceway programs, as well as other Boeing satellite systems with its autonomous tracking system ASTRO 15. Jena-Optronik is a market leader in star sensors, with a solid international business in Europe, the USA and Asia. The unique know-how and long tradition in the development field give the systems of the Jena-based company a leading edge in technology. Thanks to the high standard of quality and the successes achieved with Boeing, Jena-Optronik has managed to obtain the commitment of other communication satellite manufacturers, particularly in the USA, to long-term agreements. The sensors offer the maximum precision available to clients on the market.

“Our highly qualified and motivated employees provide the foundation stone for our success and it is them who enable us to create high-quality products and new innovations”, said Dietmar Ratzsch, managing director of Jena-Optronik. The selection is a great honor for us and receiving this award is an unforgettable moment in our history.The award was presented on April 19 and was received by Dietmar Ratzsch and the US representative of Jena-Optronik, Peter Lüst, on behalf of the entire workforce.

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Information on ASTRO 15
With its autonomous tracking system ASTRO 15, Jena-Optronik is a standard supplier for the 702 satellite platform from Boeing Satellite Systems. The sensor is an autonomous system for deployment on long-term geo-stationary and LEO (Low-Earth-Orbit) missions. The sensor is the heart of the position control and guarantees that a satellite is always correctly aligned. Boeing uses the sensor on its Spaceway communication satellites, amongst other things, enabling e.g. the reception of more than 1,500 local and national TV stations in the USA. The satellite systems,costing billions of dollars, are required to provide continuous and stable operation over a period of 15 years. The position control sensor itself measures just 50 centimeters. It positions the satellite systems on the basis of their location in relation to the stars, guaranteeing a level of alignment precision of three arc seconds.

The first ASTRO 15 was delivered to Boeing in 2002 and to date the satellite manufacturer has ordered 24 flight samples for the 702 communication satellite platform. Thanks to the quality of its instruments Jena-Optronik has successfully beaten off its US competitors to qualify as the sole supplier for position control sensors. It is in particular the Jena-based company’s understanding of the client’s needs and the requirements he places on the systems and instruments that forms the basis of the long-standing partnership of mutual trust between Boeing and the Jenoptik subsidiary.