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Javad GNSS releases Triumph-F1 UAV

US: JAVAD GNSS has introduced its new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) TRIUMPH-F1, that is based on the JAVAD GNSS TRIUMPH-1.

It features user-friendly mission programming. Equipped with landing and sonar sensor, the UAV has four lithium polymer batteries to power its eight propeller motors organised in a stacked quad formation, each have an charging ports, LED, test button to indicate the current charge level.

The unit has four detachable arms and four screw inserts at the bottom to affix mount pole attachment for field use, which means the TRIUMPH-F1 can also be utilises as TRIUMPH-1 for field work as base or rover.

It is also equipped with four-angled documentation cameras and a downward high-precision camera for photogrammetry (60 degree FOV). The UAV is ready to fly in first quarter of 2015.

Source: JAVAD