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JARUS recommendations for UAS Category B operations now available!

USA: JARUS has announced to the RPAS Community that the deliverable “JARUS Recommendations for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Category B Operations” is now available on the JARUS Website at http://jarus-rpas.org/publications The new JARUS deliverable complements the “JARUS OPS Cat A” which was published in July 2018. JARUS OPS Category B provides recommendations for States to voluntarily harmonise their own national legislation with regards to UAS operations.

The new JARUS deliverable contains recommended requirements to perform UAS operations in Category B (medium risk), which requires an operational risk assessment before conducting the operation. Following a risk-based approach, the UAS operator must declare compliance with a standard scenario, request and receive authorization from the competent authority for one or a series of operations, or hold a Remote Operator Certificate (ROC).  In addition, JARUS-OPS Category B proposes technical requirements and administrative procedures for the implementation of the relevant concepts of registration, electronic identification and geoawareness. Following the JARUS Internal and External consultation process, Working Group 2 (Operations) experts from several JARUS Member States have consolidated the content of the “JARUS Recommendations for UAS Category B Operations”.