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Japanese store starts selling anti-abduction schoolbags

Satchels equipped with a mobile phone and a GPS terminal have become popular among parents concerned about their children’s security, particularly following the abduction and murder of an elementary school girl in Nara in November.

Sogo Department Store’s Yokohama branch first received inquiries about whether it sold satchels that would allow parents to confirm the location of their children.

Once the number of such inquiries reached about 100, the department store began selling satchels equipped with small mobile phones, and started taking orders for burglar alarms and GPS devices for children.

When children are wearing the backpack-type satchels equipped with mobile phones, they can alert their parents of their location simply by pushing a button, store officials said.

One mother shopping at the department store in Yokohama’s Hodogaya-ku said, “I’ve heard that a suspicious man was stalking children around here. So I’m looking for a satchel equipped with an anti-abduction system.”