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Japanese and Brazilian Space Agency discuss technical cooperation

The manager of the Office for Space Policy Cabinet of Japan, Takayoshi Fukuyo, and the promotion manager for International Cooperation, Department of International Relations and Research from the Aerospace Exploration Agency of Japan (JAXA), Masonobu Tsuji, was greeted this week by the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB)”s president, José Raimundo Coelho.

In the meeting, they have been discussed about some proposals for joint actions in the mitigation of natural disasters, aiming to drive conversations that began in 2013. One idea is to form a binational working group involving government agencies of both countries which are related to the natural disasters, weather and environment areas.

Coelho was very enthusiastic about the proposal, highlighting the need for actions to be well structured and focused, so as to put in motion concretely, since Brazil and Japan have a good experience in the weather segment. The AEB and the Ministerial Cabinet of Japan will be in charge of organizing the working group, which should start operations later this year.

Another item discussed at the meeting was the launch of three Brazilian small satellites, scheduled for the second half of this year, from the International Space Station, in charge of Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation (Jamss).

Source: AEB