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Japanese-aided GIS centre inaugurated

Charsadda, Pakistan: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Law Minister Arshad Abdullah inaugurated the first GIS laboratory for the digitisation of land records. The facility to computerise the land record was completed as a pilot project with the assistance of the UN agency, the UN-Habitat, under the Pakistan Settlements Flood Recovery Project for which funds of PKR 9.5 million were provided by the government of Japan.

On the occasion, the law minister was briefed on the computerisation of the land record which would be free of shortcomings and the owners could check their property record within a few minutes.

The project was aimed at minimising land disputes keeping in view the devastating 2010 flood in the area where the land record was washed away. This is the first time that land records will be computerised and replaced by satellite images and maps for ensuring transparency and accountability of land record keeping in Pakistan.

The minister was informed that the computerised data would keep durable record of the lands in the area and the facility would be extended to the rest of Charsadda district and the province in due course of time.

Source: The News