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Japan utility, HR Wallingford assess dam failure risk

Japan: J-Power, Japan’s largest utility, is collaborating with HR Wallingford, a civil engineering and environmental hydraulics organization, to assess the potential impacts of failure of two large dams in the country on nearby communities. For this, a methodology called the Risk Assessment for Reservoir Safety (RARS) has been developed by HR Wallingford. Its modelling tools help to estimate breach hydrograph and time, flood extents, flood depth, velocities, flow directions, and the population at risk. The findings will be used for future emergency action planning and incident response.

Dr Yuichi Kitamura, Technical Director at J-Power, said, “The application of the new risk assessment methodology to our dams in Japan exceeded our highest expectations. HR Wallingford’s unrivalled expertise in breach, flood and emergency response modelling has allowed us to make significant improvements in our understanding of the behaviour of our assets and our safe and efficient management of them for the future.”

Source: HR Wallingford