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Japan to share GIS expertise with British univ

UK: Edge Hill University from St Helens, UK, has been awarded a grant from the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation – a charity that supports closer links between Britain and Japan – to help forge new links with the country and improve learning around GIS.

As part of the new collaboration, the University’s Natural Geographical and Applied Sciences department will visit the University of Tokyo and the Japanese Center for Spatial Science on GIS learning to cement the partnership.

Lecturer Gerry Lucas, who is leading on the initiative, explained, “We decided to set up this new partnership because our research has shown that uptake and digestibility of GIS as a discipline is an issue in both countries. It is highly technological and involves spatial thinking and analysis, which will ultimately benefit our students as they acknowledge the importance of GIS and increase their own job prospects as a result.”

Gerry added, “We know that approaches to GIS education are different between Western and Eastern Europe. We recognise the similarities between Japan and UK as island nations, but also recognise different approaches to GIS education and the challenges of different cultures, strategic planning and different hazards. Resources, environments and climate change are all separate issues but are linked and are of significant importance to both countries. There is a need for a greater understanding of these issues due to the growing problem of climate change in international and national public policy. Each country has its own strengths around GIS, which I think will foster a better knowledge and cultural understanding across the hemispheres in the field of GIS education.”

Source: Creative Boom