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Japan to conduct satellite surveys in Myanmar

Myanmar: The Japanese government will support two surveys on possible uses of earth observation satellite in Myanmar, according to the Ministry of Transport, Myanmar. The announcement was made at a press conference where Minister for Transport, U Nyan Tun Aung, handed over the letter of approval to Marubeni Aerospace Corporation for the survey programme. Under the agreement, Marubeni Aerospace will conduct a preliminary feasibility study for the development of an advanced small earth observation satellite in Myanmar.

The ministry said in a press release that Marubeni Aerospace will work with Japan Space Systems, under the supervision of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, on the programme. The programme will include two surveys, the first of which was completed from June 10-20.

The second is expected to take place in October concurrently with a joint workshop that will focus on topics including space-related national strategies, satellite data use, communication satellite usage and the teaching of space technology in Myanmar universities. Possible uses for an earth observation satellite include disaster management, environmental monitoring, forest management, mining, irrigation and agriculture.

Mr Shoichi Satoh, programme manager at Marubeni Aerospace, said that the study would ascertain Myanmar’s earth observation satellite requirements and usage plans and pave the way for discussions on future cooperation in satellite data use and satellite system development.

“Our team plans to conduct two local surveys by interviewing space-related key personnel in government organisations, universities, non-government organisations and the private sector in order to highlight which application system will best [assist] Myanmar,” he said.

Source: Myanmar Times