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Japan funds Baku’s seismic hazard map

Baku, Azerbaijan: Japanese government funded Azerbaijan to create a seismic hazard map for its capital city, Baku, according to Gurban Yetirmishli, Director General of the Republic Seismological Service Center of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

Yetirmishli said that there is a great need to draw seismic hazard map of Baku. “There are enough materials for this. Up to now Baku has had no perfect seismic microzonation map. There were such maps in the 50s of the past century. But now the level and quality of the seismic studies in Azerbaijan differ much,” added Yetirmishli.

Yetirmishli further observed that Baku is located on 8-magnitude seismic zone. But some places of Baku can be attributed to the 9-magnitude zone. The major threat for Baku and Absheron peninsula comes from the seismic focuses in the Caspian Sea.

“There are 8-9-magnitude seismic focuses in the Caspian Sea. Seismic hazard map will be very important for emergency situations. After seismic hazard map of Baku is drawn, seismic safety map will be drawn. The map will also cover the notes regarding the circle of influence, power of seismic focuses in Baku,” stated Yetirmishli.

Source: Apa