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Jane Goodall special edition DVD now available

A new DVD transports viewers to the lush Gombe region of Tanzania, Africa, where they venture through the brush to learn about the complex work of Dr. Jane Goodall, Dame of the British Empire and UN Messenger of Peace. The DVD presents Dr. Goodall’s inspiring keynote address from the 2005 ESRI International User Conference (UC) as she recounts her remarkable story from what first inspired her visit to Tanzania in 1960 to how GIS became an integral part of her organization’s work.

The keynote presentation begins with personal testimony from Dr. Goodall as she explains her motivation behind her chimpanzee research and what she encountered through her work. She explains the diligent work of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) and how it has evolved over the years. Lilian Pintea, the director of Conservation Science at JGI, demonstrates how GIS is used for chimpanzee research as well as related projects such as restoring habitats in areas facing deforestation in Gombe National Park. The DVD also includes video clips from the IMAX film Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees, an ESRI ArcGlobe animation of Gombe National Park, a slide show from the UC Great Ape Special Display, and a slide show that features a behind-the-scenes look at preparations for Dr. Goodall’s keynote presentation.