James W. Sewall Company releases webFRIS 3.6

James W. Sewall Company releases webFRIS 3.6


, USA, November 20, 2007: James W. Sewall Company, a geographic information management company for municipal government, utilities, forestry, and the natural resource industry, has released a new version of its flagship product, webFRIS 3.6. The upgrade offers increased functionality to the forest industry’s comprehensive and dynamic web-based geospatial solution.

The 3.6 release of webFRIS primarily focuses on performance and reporting improvements. Replacement of the database technology and significant structuring of the database model have led to faster data retrieval, faster batch loading of data, enhanced data export services, and overall faster transaction speed. Online editing of complex geospatial data is improved by as much as 200% for some transactions.

The reports module in webFRIS has been expanded, yet simplified, so that all data stored in the database can be easily retrieved and quickly exported. The user interface has been simplified to provide users with point-and-click controls for constructing queries and producing reports.

“Our webFRIS offering provides a lower cost, centralized solution that is attractive to our target audience,” said Dave Edson, Executive Vice President. “Our latest release continues to demonstrate our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients and assisting them in accomplishing their business objectives.”