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James W. Sewall Company merges with Weiler Mapping, Inc.Company

James W. Sewall Company of Old Town, Maine, has announced that the firm has acquired Weiler Mapping, Inc., of Horseheads, New York. The oldest GIS consulting company in the Northeast, Sewall has provided mapping services to government and industry nationwide since 1880. Founded in 1954, Weiler Mapping offers GIS data conversion services to the public sector throughout New York State and the Northeast.

With over 30 years’ experience in parcel-based GIS, Weiler Mapping brings to the partnership-recognized expertise in tax map conversion and deed research. As a broad-based GIS consulting firm for several market sectors, Sewall brings comprehensive experience in all phases of GIS development, from GIS needs assessment, planning, and implementation to application development, data maintenance and Web-based mapping. Collectively, the two firms will offer their clients an integrated team of over 175 professionals, a greater breadth and depth of project experience, and expanded production capacity at facilities in Maine, New York, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

With 170 years of combined corporate experience, Sewall and Weiler share a substantial history in the mapping industry. They have also teamed together on several projects during the last two years. According to Sewall President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. James H. Page, “We could not be more pleased with this union. It has evolved naturally from our successful partnering, complementary strengths, and common commitment to quality. As one enterprise, we will deliver more comprehensive services, increased efficiencies, and greater economies of scale.”

Weiler Mapping President John H. Trimber, LS, says, “This merger is a wonderful opportunity, allowing Weiler to offer a greater range of services to our client base and to participate in projects beyond our current geographic area. It provides both growth potential for the Weiler office and professional opportunities for our staff that would not be possible otherwise.”