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Jamabandies, Mussavies and Intkals over Internet

Despite advancement in technology, the preparation, maintenance and updating of land record has changed little in last two hundred years or so. Everything in this process is still done manually, But this may not be so for long as Kapurthala district administration rolls out a cyber solution is being developed and implemented by a Ludhiana based firm RAMTECH CORPORATION LIMITED, which started work on the project in September 2001,

The software has been named as Land Information Management System (LIMS) and will be based on digitised land records and maps, which shall be available at the click of a mouse over Internet. While the work on the computerisation of land records has been going on for quite some time, it is for the first time in the country that a software will automatically generate new jamabandi after incorporating mutations paving the way for an online computerized system. The key to the computerisation of land record is an integrated software incorporation registration of documents, mutations, jamabandies and maps.

The software once in place will revolutionize the land records operations and will give relief to thousands of people who approach revenue authorities for various works.

Manager, Jawed Ahmad disclosed that considering the importance of land records documents proper preservation and validation of the records has been accorded the highest priority in this project. The proposed software will eliminate various corrupt practices and other human errors in updating land records. RAMTECH CORPORATION LIMITED with its extensive experience in this particular field has been able to bring about significant value-additions to the project thereby enhancing the quality of services that would be available to the end users.

Presently, the land records of Fattu Dhinga kanungoi are available for display and query over the Internet. In addition to records, the musavis (maps) have also been converted into digital format for safe archiving purposes. Digital copies of land records would be available to the public from the district headquarters of Kpaurthala by early next week. Further plans are afoot to set up Internet kiosks at selected places in the district from where landowners can get a copy of their ownership records by paying a nominal charge.

The pilot project, which is going to be dedicated to the public, soon, will further be modified in the light of feedback obtained from the public and officials during its trial run. The company is also working out a business model for private investment in the implementation of the project. Preliminary studies have indicated that the cost of implementation can be easily recovered by levy of suitable user charges.