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Jakarta to leverage geospatial data for decision making

Jakarta: Indonesia’s capital city signed an agreement with the Geospatial Information Agency to use of geospatial information to support the city administration’s efforts in developing sustainable programmes.

According to an official statement, the objective of the agreement is to develop the city administration’s capability to use geospatial data in the Jakarta’s urban planning and socio-economic activities.

“Development activities will be much more effective and efficient when supported by authoritative and accurate geospatial data and information,” said Asep Karsidi, Head of the Geospatial Information Agency.

“At present, the Indonesian government, from policy makers at the local level to the national level have started using geospatial data and information in a variety of purposes. Through it, projects are more ‘impactful’ and citizens can enjoy the results of well-informed decisions.”

The agreement includes the implementation of GIS, technical trainings for GIS officers, and research and development in the field of data and application of geospatial information and technology.

Furthermore, the agreement also includes the establishment of the necessary facilities and infrastructures to support the collection, storage and sharing of geospatial information by the city administration and the Geospatial Information Agency.

Source: Future Gov