Jakarta to have stricter spatial planning rules

Jakarta to have stricter spatial planning rules


Jakarta: Jakarta will soon to have a detailed spatial planning by law that may introduce some changes for those planning to build their own house. The draft of the detailed spatial planning (RDTR) by law has been submitted to the city’s Legislative Council for deliberation. “The draft is complete with a zoning map that will regulate land use even at the district level,” said the head of the city’s spatial planning agency, Gamal Sinurat. Darwin Syam Siregar, the team leader in charge of the formulation of the RDTR draft, said the agency had been working on the document for the past five years.

The contents in the draft include specific locations of apartments, additional commercial areas and some major projects, such as the Transjakarta bus rapid system, the mass rapid transit (MRT), the monorail, the giant sea wall and the tunnel. The draft, if passed, will also annul an article in the city’s by law on levies that allows developers to pay fees if they wish to change land use to fit their projects.

Previously, developers who built an apartment building would have to secure a government decree, as vertical housing was not regulated on the old detailed spatial plan. Once the by law is approved, developers can only build apartment buildings in the dedicated zone.

A change of land use also occurs in the new detailed spatial plan draft.

Source: Jakarta post