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Jack Dangermond welcomes geospatial enthusiasts at Esri User Conference

US: The 36th Esri User Conference opened in San Diago on Monday. Industry leaders, experts, organizations and users from across the world are here to discuss business, comprehend and make plans for the coming times. Esri president and founder Jack Dangermond welcomed over 16000 geo-buffs at the conference. In the keynote session at the conference, Dangermond elaborated on why geography is the integrating science of our world. He said geography connects us with other sciences, thus providing a context to better understand things. And this understanding is the key to solving the problems of the world. Elaborating further on the future of GIS, Dangermond said the integration of GIS with other technologies is providing a platform for Web GIS. And this platform provides us a whole new reach, applications that are easy, trendy and analytic.

Talking about the professional development, Dangermond said that Esri is investing heavily into online learning processes. Throwing light on the Esridirection for the coming years, Dangermond said that the organisation is trying to bring in a whole new generation of users, perhaps a network of young professionals.

Martin O’Malley, US Presential candidate also participated in the conference and delivered a plenary address. Highlighting the importance of GIS movement, O’Malley said from authority to democracy, from exclusive awareness to inclusive awareness, from command and control to empowered collaborations, we are creating a well connected and better informed citizenry.

The day also saw Esri awarding over 100 plus users across the world. Recipients of the Special Achievement in GIS award are submitted by Esri staff from thousands of organizations worldwide, then personally reviewed and selected by Dangermond himself.

One of the prominent awardees were the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), an intergovernmental agency in South and Central Asia, which was honored with the Esri Humanitarian GIS Award for their assistance to the government of Nepal following major earthquakes in April and May.

The conference will go on till July 24.

Source: Our Correspondent