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J-Track shows real-time path of NASA satellites

US: Showing the orbits of 443 satellites (at current count), the NASA satellite tracker, J-Track gives a real-time animation of their paths around the Earth. The tracker requires the latest version of Java plug-in integrated with the browser.
Users can select individual satellites either from a drop-down list or by simply clicking on any item on-screen. This will show the full orbit along with positional and orbital data.
However, NASA warns, “This application serves as an educational tool and may not be completely accurate due to time discrepancies in the users’ browser, updates to satellite orbital data, etc; it is not an official NASA satellite tracking tool. We are currently developing an improved satellite tracker using modern browser-based technology and hope to have this available in 2012. Stay tuned!”
Users should take note of the navigation short-cuts listed on the web page prior to launching the tracker as they don’t appear to be listed anywhere in the running application.
Users who would prefer to ask the alternate question of “what satellites are visible from my location?” might prefer to use the NASA SkyWatch page which requests that users select a location and the name of a satellite.  
Source: iTWire