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iWay Software introduces adapters for GIS

iWay Software, an Information Builders company and the adaptive software vendor, have announced a new package of adapters that integrate, enrich, and update data to and from GIS.

The adapters were developed to work with ESRI’s ArcSDE. ESRI uses these adapters to integrate its spatial database engine ArcSDE with a wide variety of operational data to create an information backbone that delivers all data, both spatial and tabular.

iWay’s adapters are separated by function: one set gets geographic information from an address and the other loads the GIS database. Using iWay’s patented Adaptive Framework, organizations can now easily create maps to visually represent nearly any data, from any information system within its existing IT infrastructure.

The new iWay Software Adapters for GIS drastically reduce the cost and complexity involved in GIS implementations up to one-half of the deployment time, one-half of the software costs, and one-half of the services costs. The adapters accomplish this by improving the retrieval, enrichment, geocoding, and delivery of data between disparate information systems. As part of iWay’s ever growing Adaptive Framework, the new GIS Adapters retrieve data from any information system or B2B protocol, enrich data information from other sources, geocode data by calling an application or service to obtain location coordinates and census data, and then deliver information to appropriate layers of GIS data stores.