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Iwane Laboratories releases iiView

Singapore: Iwane Laboratories, Ltd. launched iiView, a flash-based web viewer for 3D video image. According to the company’s press statement, iiView has been developed for the existing users of Active Link Vision (ALV) as well as for new users who are aware of the multi faceted advantages of social networking via 3D visual content. 
Through iiView, the company is introducing advanced features such as 3D measurements and geo-tagging in 3D visual content. In addition, iiView comes as a bundled package of Ultra Super Wide Angle Image + Spherical Video + 3D Tag + Web Map. “This is a web application for just about everyone who has ever wanted something different and more robust in the visual 3D domain, its about adding value to 3D visual content” said Mr. Waro Iwane, President & CEO of the company.
One can experience the advance features of iiView at .
Some of the key features of the iiView include:- Combination of spherical with super wide angle image: User can see the whole as well as partial scene at the same time.- Both 3D tag registered by user and linked with the location (map) are displayed in the video.- 3D measurement in the 360 degree geo-spatial video.- Tags are updated in real-time. User can register tag arbitrarily.- Tag can be published or shared in each group (Coming soon!!)
Source: Iwane