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iVistra announced Computerworld Innovator of Year

iVistra Technology, an Auckland-based company specialising in data visualisation, has been named ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the 2004 Computerworld Excellence Awards, just months after launching its first product – Enterprise Visibility System (EVS).

EVS is a customised business product that was designed by iVistra Technology to take fleet and other asset tracking in a more sophisticated manner. As well as mapping the location of moving assets in real-time, EVS also displays a variety of operational and financial information to give a business greater visibility.

EVS has been recognised as innovative for the way in which it integrates live tracking data with a business’s enterprise systems, layers the information in a sleek interface design and will soon let users access via a range of mobile devices.

Craig Meek, iVistra CEO, says EVS turns data into pictures so a business can see its entire operation in real-time and make better informed decisions more quickly. “It’s the ideal dashboard for a range of industries, including transport, utilities, forestry, manufacturing and defence.”

The way EVS works is :

-It tracks moving items and networked infrastructure and the appropriate attributes in real-time. It can work with a range of tracking systems including barcode, RFID tagging and GPS.

-It integrates the real-time positional data with appropriate mapping geography to give the exact location of the tracked item.

-It layers the live tracking and mapping data with financial and operating information from the business to give complete visibility of key performance indicators like utilisation, efficiency and profitability.

EVS can be accessed from multiple locations via a variety of devices and displays.