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iView Farmland Calculator by Digital Data Technologies

Digital Data Technologies has announced the release of iView Farmland Calculator after the completion of beta testing in numerous counties. The standalone application utilizes the client’s computer assisted mass appraisal data (CAMA) and existing parcel, soils, and land use GIS layers to generate acreage and land use reports. The software can be customized to support any state farmland assessment regulations or standards. DDTI, which has internet-enabled a greater variety of CAMA systems than any company in America, assists with the CAMA and GIS data integration for no extra fee.

Scott Hardin, GIS Director of Hancock County Ohio said, “I was able to batch process 5,000 parcels overnight, something which would have taken months to do previously. The software is intuitive enough to flag those parcels where the values changed beyond a certain tolerance level for inspection. We are now confident that our values are as accurate as possible. A great feature of iView Farmland Calculator is the ability to automatically update the values in our CAMA system, so our staff does not need to do any data entry.”

Eric Coakley, Chief Deputy of Real Estate for Fairfield County Ohio stated, “It’s great! Our county’s investment in GIS is providing dividends with the addition of iView Farmland Calculator. We can easily calculate the values of every Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) property in our county. Since we can integrate other data layers, my staff uses it as a GIS viewer as well.”