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ITWorx and ESRI NeA to provide citizen-centric services

Cairo, Egypt: ITWorx and ESRI Northeast Africa (ESRI NeA) announced a strategic alliance that will provide cutting-edge services to enhance performance management and citizen services in the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region public sector.

ITWorx engages with government organisations to help them deliver advanced, automated and secure citizen-centric services through its ITWorx Citizen1st service offering. ESRI NeA delivers fully geo-enabled solutions that serve governmental municipalities and agencies, including land management.

Under the new alliance, ITWorx and ESRI NeA will deliver a joint framework that empowers citizens with advanced geo-portal Services and location-based services (LBS) through the web and mobile devices. On the business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM) levels, spatial analysis will help define workflow turnaround time and improve response time with respect to location, as well as identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement with regards to process re-engineering. Civil servants will benefit from the geo-enabled building permit that enables surveying and spatial data submission, tracking and visual monitoring and reporting of urban development progress, as well as field observation.

For performance management, the companies will jointly leverage the ITWorx government performance management (GPM) service offering, which helps governments streamline business processes, enhance collaboration and communication, organise and analyse information and monitor and improve performance and ESRI NeA’s GIS services to provide advanced data visualisation options for easy interpretation by adding the location dimension to the provided key performance indicators (KPIs) and displaying hotspots that highlight problem areas. Applying the spatial aspect helps government decision-makers take informed decisions quickly and effortlessly.

Source: ITWorx