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ITT launches academic partnership programme

US: ITT Visual Information Solutions announced a new academic partnership programme designed to help educators, foster students’ careers in disciplines involving geospatial imagery and complex data analysis. The programme, entitled “ITT Innovation Centers,” is available to any college or university in the United States and Canada offering courses that use image and data analysis software as a core component of the curriculum.

Under the programme, ITT will provide its partners with a number of educational benefits, including access to the company’s products for image and data analysis, ENVI and IDL software, for use in classroom instruction.  Other advantages include access to professional training resources, consultations with ITT representatives on course structure and curriculum and the opportunity to preview and give feedback on future releases of ENVI and IDL.

As partners in the programme, participating academic institutions will contribute to advances in data and image analysis within the ENVI and IDL product lines, and provide curriculum, research, papers, and other resources of value to the greater academic community.

“ITT is committed to supporting academic endeavours that further the growth of fields that help advance science and improve the human condition.” said Nigel Brown, director of academic programmes for ITT Visual Information Solutions.

Source: ITT