ITT GPS III payload passes design review

ITT GPS III payload passes design review


US: ITT has successfully completed the Critical Design Review (CDR) for the Navigation Payload Element (NPE). The company is developing it for the US Air Force’s GPS programme, GPS III.

ITT is a major teammate on the Lockheed Martin team that was selected in May 2008 by the US Air Force to build the next-generation GPS III programme. Mark Pisani, Vice President and General Manager of Positioning, Navigation and Timing Systems at ITT Geospatial Systems, said, “Having completed this significant milestone, we stand ready to support the next major programme milestone, the Lockheed Martin Space Vehicle CDR, scheduled for August.”

ITT integrates and tests the components in the NPE on to the GPS III Space Vehicle flight panel for delivery to Lockheed Martin which is then assembled in to the Space Vehicle for testing. The NPE consists of several transmitter units and the mission data unit, both designed and built by ITT; Atomic Frequency Time Standard; passive RF components and various harnesses and cables.

The CDR demonstrated that the NPE design meets all program requirements, and showed complete compliance with the rigorous GPS III mission assurance standards. Based on the thorough review of the hardware designs, the NPE is ready to proceed to the manufacturing phase of the programme.

The next generation of GPS IIIA satellites will deliver significant improvements over current GPS space vehicles, and will improve position, navigation, and timing services for the warfighter and civil users worldwide, providing capabilities yielding superior system security, accuracy and reliability.

Source: Space Daily